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Rita White

'Birds on the Wheel',100% Satin Silk,

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'Birds on the Wheel, pale green.

Birds on the wheel is a design that evolved from a hand drawing I created from watching the Brent geese. The Brent geese are large geese that migrate each year, they arrive in Ireland each winter and leave in March to return to Canada and the. Although the colours in the drawing do not represent the actual birds, they are an abstract representation of how they navigate or migrate around the wheel of the earth. They are incredibly beautiful and elegant birds. The background colour in this scarf is pale green and it may appear darker or lighter depending on the light. 

A designer silk scarf is a must in any wardrobe, a key piece. Its a go to luxury fashion accessory that completes any outfit. The designer silk scarf transcends trends and seasons. A sustainable piece that you want to keep forever. It is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways, as a shawl, rolled and worn as a smaller sophisticated scarf. Also as a head scarf or neck bow.


Birds on the wheel, silk scarf

Material: 100% Satin silk with hand rolled hem

Hem: Hand rolled hem

Dimensions: 110cm squared

Care Instructions:

Silks, woolens, silk-cotton blends and other delicate natural fabrics that require dry cleaning,  may also be hand washed with considerable care. In order to maintain the luxurious softness and vibrant colours it is recommended that they are washed using cold water and a neutral soap such as Woolite or baby shampoo. Do not rub or brush, just gently move it about in the water. Avoid soaking in water for long periods. Rinse with cold water, do not twist or wring as this will damage the fibers. Hang the scarf to dry away from sunlight. Iron the silk using a dry iron and not steam.