Red  Butterflies, 100% Silk, Designer Facemask
Red  Butterflies, 100% Silk, Designer Facemask
Red  Butterflies, 100% Silk, Designer Facemask
Red  Butterflies, 100% Silk, Designer Facemask

Rita White

Red Butterflies, 100% Silk, Designer Facemask

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 Red Butterflies, 100% Silk Facemask

This print is from some of my Butterfly hand drawn designs printed onto silk.

Comes from as the same print as Red Butterflies silk scarf

Size; Approximately 22cm x 22cm, when opened out it is wider to cover the mouth and nose.

With pleats and black elastic ear loops and a band to hold the mask around your neck when not in use as a mask and looks like a neckpiece.  
Do not iron the ear loops

Material: 100% Silk, doubled with with adjustable ear loops and back band.

Hand made

Apart from the luxurious appearance of silk and the soft feel of silk on the skin, studies now show that Silk as a fabric is the most effective as a face covering. Silk is made from natural protein fibers and has anti-bacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial and moisture repellent properties.
Silk does not irritate the skin and therefore can be worn for longer periods. This also prevents the wearer from touching their face due to irritation.
As its made from natural fibres it also has the benefits of breathability, it does not trap water or increase humidity under the mask.
A simple wet wipe and an iron after use will remove any contamination. Silk masks can also be hand washed, pulled back into place and ironed which sterilises the mask again for reuse.
Rita White’s silk masks are hand made from a double layer of 100% Silk

Hand wash with gentle detergent and pull back into place and iron. 
Wipe with a wet wipe and Ironing can also kill germs and viruses between uses, if the mask is not dirty.

Please understand that face masks cannot be returned or refunded as they are custom, hand made and also due to Covid19

 Products may vary slightly from images

Main Photo: Model, Fabiana Tovar Esquivel

Photographer: Cathal Bowe , Bowe Photography