Mauve Birds in the Reeds' Silk Dress
Mauve Birds in the Reeds' Silk Dress
Mauve Birds in the Reeds' Silk Dress
Mauve Birds in the Reeds' Silk Dress

Rita White

Mauve Birds in the Reeds' Silk Dress

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Mauve Birds in the Reeds' Silk Dress

Birds in the reeds is a drawing about long necked birds that can be seen sometimes hiding in the reeds beside lakes or rivers. Their necks are long and camouflaged in the reeds. You can almost imagine that the reeds have eyes. The colour mauve represents the evening sky with some reds and yellows of the setting sun reflected on the birds in the reeds.



100%  Satin Silk Dress which is hand made in Ireland. Print developed from a drawing about horses.

Its a straight cut and fits small to medium. Length is approx 103 cm long and width 53 cm. Can be worn with a belt or left loose. Looks great styled with another scarf around your neck or a scarf as a belt. 

Any other instructions or requirements please contact me.

Hem: Hand made

Fabric: Satin Silk

Dimensions:  Lenght 103cm

Size: 10-14 depending whether worn with belt or not

Width:  53cm

Care Instructions:

Silks, woolens, silk-cotton blends and other delicate natural fabrics that require dry cleaning,  may also be hand washed with considerable care. In order to maintain the luxurious softness and vibrant colours it is recommended that they are washed using cold water and a neutral soap such as Woolite or baby shampoo. Do not rub or brush, just gently move it about in the water. Avoid soaking in water for long periods. Rinse with cold water, do not twist or wring as this will damage the fibers. Hang the scarf to dry away from sunlight. Iron the silk using a dry iron and not steam.