100% Silk Turban Hat, Tweed Bee Brooch,
100% Silk Turban Hat, Tweed Bee Brooch,
100% Silk Turban Hat, Tweed Bee Brooch,

Rita White

100% Silk Turban Hat, Tweed Bee Brooch,

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100% Silk Lined Turban Hat, Tweed Bee Brooch,

Turbans spark a source of mystery. Historically, the turban was worn by different religions and cultures. It was worn only by the higher classes and elites of society but today they are a fashion accessory seen often on the runway.

Turbans are one of the hottest, statement-worthy accessories around. It’s a chic and simple easy to wear hat replacement for all seasons. You can either rock it as colourful turban with a fur jacket or wear it with a classic coat. 

They include the brooch to the front but can be worn in many ways. Turbans were seen on the runway this year and bring back the 1920's glamour of an everyday wear glamorous hat.

This turban has been lined with silk so that they are the ultimate in comfort and the benefits of silk as a smooth, soft natural surface which will maintain the natural oils in your hair and allow for less friction between your hair and other surfaces and even protection from the weather. 

These beautiful turbans are hand made. 


100% Wool, Tweed,  Turban Hat

Material: 100% Wool with silk lining.

Dimensions: Hat size to fit maximum head circumference  23 inches, can be made larger or smaller.

Care Instructions:

Dry Clean only